Project name:


Code of the Project:

Project no. 018466

Main Goal:

Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs


Sever do Vouga, Aveiro

Beneficiary Entity:

Carvalheira, Bastos, LDA

Date of Approval:


Start date:

01-04 2016

Conclusion date:


Total eligible cost:


Financial support of the European Union:

FEDER – 129.815,00€ e FSE – 1.435,62€


1. Increase the productive capacity
2. Improve the production efficiency
3. Automate the production process
4. Offer new products/services to the market


1. Acquisition and installation of a center machining CNC;
2. Acquisition and installation of a cutting line (chartplotter, automatic);
3. Implementation of dynamic website;
4. Registration of the trade mark Carvalheira Bastos;
5. Action vocational training in Machining-Introduction to CNC;
6. Feasibility study and strategic analysis of the company;
7. Hiring of two highly qualified workers and
8. Hiring of three employees is not highly qualified.

Expected results:

1. Increased production capacity
2. Diversification of the existing offer
3. Increase in turnover by 29%
4. Reduction of production costs
5. Increase of the GVA and 48%
6. An increase in EBITDA of 40%
7. Creation of 5 jobs